Vortex Ultrasonic Micromist Sanitization System


An automatic ultrasonic dry micro-mist sanitation system, the Vortex is a whole sanitizing crew in a box. Manufactured by IOTG, an EPA Registered Establishment, with a programable digital timer, Vortex will automatically come on after hours and distribute billions of atomized droplets of your N-Listed fogging solutions in any treatment area. Vortex was designed with “Nightly Sanitation” in mind. When left in the center of a treatment area, Vortex will come on at a pre-set time and run until an exact amount of solution has been dispersed, 15 min / 1000 sq ft. Due to the droplets being ultra-sonically produced, they’re sub-micron in size and will wrap around hand rails, go behind cabinets and doors, as well as both on top and below tables.

– Nursing Homes

– Hotel Lobbies

– Restaurants

– Train / Bus Stations

– Airport Terminals

– Government Buildings

– Hospitals

– Day Care Centers

– Churches

– Schools

Voltage 110 Volt
Cycles 50/60 Hertz
Amperage 6 Amp
Fan Output 120 CFM Max.
Max. Treatment Area 40,000 Cubic Feet 
Dimensions 12″ x 12″ x 33″
Weight 15 lbs. Empty
Filtration 4” x 4” Washable
Capacity 4 Gallons
Chemical Usage 2 Ounces Per 10,000 Cubic Feet – 15 Minute Run Time Per 10,000 Cubic Feet

Additional information

Weight 288 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 33 in


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