Grease Magic Rinse + 1 Gal.


Rinse + from Grease Magic is not just an acidic rinse for carpet and textiles—its built-in anti browning, anti-wicking, and encapsulating properties make Rinse + a super versatile product to keep in your arsenal.

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This acidic rinse agent is used by professional carpet cleaners to rinse cleaning agents from carpeting to prevent rapid re-soiling. This acidic solution is the final step in wet cleaning on carpet and textiles! Rinse + will remove any cleaning agent residue, help revent browning and yellowing, and leave carpets feeling soft. As an added benefit, Rinse + has built-in encapsulating properties! This means that soils will continue to be removed from the carpet by maintenance vacuuming. Dealing with stubborn, sticky spots that continually wick back? Spray diluted Rinse + on the spot, let dry, and extract or vacuum! Rinse + also reduces scale and hard water deposits in your cleaning equipment. Can be used on wool. RTU pH: 2.5.

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