Grease Magic Fire Wash Gal.


Fire Wash is a premium, concentrated fire and all surface wash. Use Fire Wash to melt away carbon deposits, soot, hydrocarbons, toxins, contaminants, nicotine, and other greasy residues. Use on all hard surfaces.

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Supplies needed: (2) five gallon buckets.

Dilute 2oz.-36 oz. per gallon of water based on soil load.

Mix solution with water in five gallon bucket.

Example: 10oz. of Fire Wash to 5 gal. of water.

Put clean terry towels in bucket of RTU Fire Wash solution.

Remove saturated towel from solution and begin to wash hard surfaces. Start at the bottom and work upwards to prevent streaking.

When towel is soiled, discard into empty five gallon bucket.

Proceed cleaning with new saturated towel.

Do not reintroduce a soiled towel into the clean RTU Fire Wash solution.

*Not for sale in California


Fire Wash from Grease Magic is a super concentrated, ultra-strength all-surface fire and multi-purpose wash! If it’s dirty, Fire Wash will clean it! Fire Wash is specially formulated to quickly and easily melt away grease, grime, carbon deposits on hard surfaces and building materials from structural fire and smoke damage, soot, hydrocarbons, toxins, contaminants, and nicotine. Built in deodorants begin the odor control process immediately as you clean. Unlike a traditional spray and wipe cleaner, Fire Wash was designed to be a true cleaning and rinsing wash for all hard surfaces. Fire Wash from Grease Magic can also be used as a concentrated contents cleaning solution. This no rinse, no residue formula leaves walls and surfaces ready for primer and paint! Try Fire Wash today: available in gallons, five gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums! pH:12

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Weight 144 oz

5lbs, 10lbs


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