Cloth Zip-Up 2 Pack Zipper


Creates a zipper door in poly sheeting in minutes. Heavy duty 3 inch wide cloth webbing. High tack double sided tape sticks to poly sheeting and plastic tarps. Not recommended for use in wet areas as cloth backing may wick liquids which could contain harmful or flammable liquids.

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PATENTED ZIP-UP ZIPPERS – Built to last longer in any weather condition while maintaining a stronger bond. Suitable For indoor and long-term outdoor use in any weather conditions and can be applied at temperatures ranging from -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

AIRTIGHT & WATERTIGHT SEAL – With proper installation, the Twin Zipper Door provides airtight dust and debris containment, perfect for any jobsite, construction site, or remodel. The patented poly woven zipper will also stay water-tight.

PEEL & STICK – Zip-Up’s unique adhesive has been formulated with a “quick-stick” capability that enables the zipper to be repositioned during the initial installation. After the adhesive has been set for some time it will form a high-strength bond to the poly sheeting

Ultimate Durability – Zip-Up Zippers are manufactured with a heavy duty blue woven poly backing.

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